Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Dog, Gus

Ellie is having lots of fun playing with Gus these days and we think that he might just be the motivation to get her to crawl or creep across the floor.

He is a very gentle boy and stands her playing like a champ.

We watch them constantly because he also likes to be the A number one child and has been strange around us since we have come home.

I think he just missed us.


kate said...

Wow, Gus is a good dog. Gives me flashbacks of Casey Jones, the previous holder of the title of most patient dog in the world.

You gotta get some cushioning on that table, man! Those sharp edges make me more nervous than Gus does. (I know, I know - another country heard from.)

Anonymous said...

Everybody's a critic! Now would you please put some leggings on the kid?

Barbara Krause said...

Ellie sure is happy girl. I think if you wanted a fright you could bring Pansy down to visit Gus. Nah, maybe not.


Sophie said...

So cute!!!