Monday, January 15, 2007


Ellie is recovering nicely from her surgery and spent the day yesterday wavering between a morphine nap and wide awake and happy.

She is weaning off the morphine slowly and only gets a 'hit' of morphine every three or four hours even though she is approved to get it every twelve minutes. Today were are going to increase the time between doses and get her back onto tylenol which is the next step towards a drug free baby.

She danced and squealed for the doctors yesterday afternoon and is playing with us more and more.

Today we have clamped her g-tube and will let her process her own fluids for a while before starting on pedialyte and then onto formula sometime today or tomorrow.

With stitches and all of the other issues, it looks like we may be here a week before we head home.

Maybe the nursing will kick in by the time we go home....


Martha Brogan said...

Thanks for the update- you all never cease to amaze me- the image of Ellie's morphine dance keeps me smiling.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking of you all right now. Glad to hear she is recovering well. Looking forward to getting to visit again soon.