Friday, January 26, 2007

Sit up!

In all of our posts about Ellie's line and doctor visits we forgot to mention that she hit a big milestone. Yesterday Gib and I watched as Ellie rolled over onto her belly, got into the crawling position and then pushed back and sat up. Yes thats right she went from belly to sitting!

She hasn't been able to do that yet and Gib and I have been working over and over with her to try to find a way that she liked and would use. Finally all our work payed off yesterday and we gave her a resounding cheer, which I'm not sure she understood. As Gib and I sat there smiling at each other and clapping it dawned on us what this meant.

What this means is that now there is no stopping our little girl. Right now she can walk around the coffee table twice in about a minute. And, as long as she has something to hold onto she will go anywhere. Our one control used to be that we could lay her on her back in the middle of the floor and not really worry about her going very far other than rolling.

But now, now she can roll to something that she likes, sit up, then stand up and she's off! We actually had to put her backpack, that holds her feeding pump, on her today because she was walking away from it to fast. She didn't really love it, but she will learn to in time.

She did all this in time for her first Early Intervention visit, the two therapists were just wowed by her and kept saying, "and how long was she in the hospital?" She is such a charmer and has defiantly learned how to flirt. The last time we were in the hospital we were in a shared room and every time our neighbors closed the curtain between our beds Ellie would stand up and yell at them. When they opened the curtain she would sit there and just watch them like she was watching TV.

So now with our new very mobile girl we will soon have to break out the pack and play and she is getting a lot of time in the exersaucer. This picture was taken of Ellie sitting right outside the kitchen watching me cook dinner. Yes, that's right I cooked. Notice the tongue is out again. I'm starting to think that she has it out more than not, and I know it defiantly helps her think.


Barbara Krause said...

What a beautiful girl. I'm catching up on the blog at the Honda dealership (thank you wireless) while my car gets its lines cleaned. The service techs love the pics (well, I thought about sharing...)

Great to hear that you're home and that all's back on track.

Hugs, Barbara

Rhea said...

Great work Ellie!!!! You need to give Olivia some pointers. She's not very interested in the belly to sit position. Olivia does like to pull herself up and give everyone a smile. Glad to hear that you are home.

Unknown said...

Work those abs, girl! That's great news for her. Will make your job a little trickier, of course, but well worth it. Good luck keeping up with motorin' baby.

Ben April said...

And she's off! Go Ellie!!

Martha Brogan said...

Today (Sunday) the Boston Globe magazine has a big article "94 New Reasons to Love This Town". Yup, as if we didn't know it. On page 38, "Nutrition Solution" tells about Dr. Puder and Kathleen Gura.

Every day I count my lucky stars that Children's is here.