Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Busy Weekend for a Little Girl

We learned on Friday morning from her doctor that the infection in Ellie's central IV line had to be removed since it was most likely the source of both her bacterial and yeast infections. This was bad news for us but we knew that removing it would most likely let her heal from her infection more quickly so that we can get her back on the road to recovery instead of spending weeks fighting the bugs.

On Friday afternoon she went back to the operating room to have the central line removed. Under general anesthesia she had the minor surgery to take out the central line hardware in her body that was put in during her last surgery in June. The surgery was a success and she came out of the surgery just fine.

In the recovery room she was uncomfortable and in some pain from the surgery and was given some morphine to help with the pain. This was a problem for her in June and made her heart rate and respiration rate go down to scarily low levels int he hours after her first surgery. The doctors thought that it was an interaction between the Fentanyl (which was in her epidural) and the morphine which made her have problems in June so they tried again on Friday.

She must have an aversion to morphine because soon after the surgery, she had the same reaction that she had in June and Abby spent a very long night on Friday with a sleepy little girl who was watched very carefully and spent the night on a heart, Oxygen and respiration monitor. She was alert and aware when she was awake, but was very very sleepy the rest of the time.

It is now Sunday and she is on the road to recovery. She is happy and cheerful but still very very tired from a very long series of days. We have come back to abby's sister's house for the night since Sue, her head nurse, is on tonight. we will be back in to see her in the morning and hope things are moving along as well as they have since Friday.

Fortunately, removing the old central line has improved her blood work and it looks like it was the major source of the infections. We hope to have another central line installed sometime this week. Right now she has two traditional IV's (one in an arm and one in a leg).

Not fun for a four month old baby (17 weeks ago today to be precise).


Barbara Krause said...

Whew. I get tired reading all about Ellie's big adventures - so I think it's completely understandable that it tires her out! Glad to hear that all indications point to success. Hang in there, Wonder Parents!


sweetsamantha said...

Hi there,

Your blog has been an inspiration to my wife and I. Our daughter has short gut and is now nine months old. We are living in Toronto and we read your blog daily. Your daughter is beautiful! We have been trying to get Omegaven for her for the last six months and have contacted Dr. Puder for his assistance. We would love to speak to you as we have gone through many of your experiences. Keep up the good work.

Fab, Silvia and Samantha

jack said...

The ups and downs of our girl's days were never as clear to me as yesterday's adventures of alternating moments.

One moment the doctors were prodding and examining and poking. During these visits Ellie could be heard at Fenway Park two blicks away. (She has a lovely voice, God bless her). In between visits from the technicians though, Ellie was her delightful self, laughing and talking and entertaining us as the beautiful little baby she is.

Sue said...

Hey Guys,
Ellie had a great night. Thanks for trusting me and going home to get some rest.
She smiles and laughs with all my bad singing... I think she's actually making fun of me!