Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ellie gets a friend

We got an email from a parent of a TPN child in NJ/Pennsylvania (correction: Child on TPN) earlier this week who wrote to tell us that she and her baby, who has almost exactly the same problem that Ellie has, are coming to Children's to see Dr. Puder and get some magic fish squeezings. They are one of the families that learned about it through the unintended but great expansion of this blog to the world beyond our families and pre-Ellie friends.

It is still strange that my idea to chronicle this experience through a blog is having an effect on somebody else's baby hundreds of miles away, but I think that it will be very real when we meet this family andtheir little boy.

It will also be neat to have another short gut family at Children's to talk to and compare notes, even if it is just for a few days. Most of the other short gut kids have gone home since they are older than Ellie and further down the road to eating.

Maybe he can teach Ellie to move her bowels like she should.

By the way, her latest bilirubin was too low to measure. we get an L where the number should be.

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Barbara Krause said...

Love the "one hand!" from the last video, love the stories of the help at your house. More freakin' tears reading this thing, even while I'm laughing. Wicked impressive!

Love and hugs,