Monday, August 07, 2006

Look I'm a real patient!!!

Since Ellie's central line came out on Friday, she has gone through too many IV's to count. Both ankles, both arms and today, to make things really interesting, her scalp!!!

It is only for 12 hours until she has surgery tomorrow to get a new cnetral line but it is scary for all of us. The IV is not all that fragile, but Ellie has the tendency to pull IV's and if she loses this between now and tomorrow morning's surgery, it will be a real pain to bring in the IV team and stick her again.

I hope she sleeps right up until tomorrow AM when she goes in for a new central line.

One of the things that I noticed this afternoon as I did laps around the floor with her is that she looks like a patient all of a sudden. Not that she looks all that great, but sometimes when she is off the machine and her lines are hidden, I feel like she isn't a real patient like the other kids that we see who have stuff hanging off of them .

An IV in the head makes her unmistakably a patient.

Another day, another bit of medical fun. Posted by Picasa


kate said...

Yuck. That's no fun. Get that girl a central line! We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Here's hoping tomorrow is the last procedure for a while and Ellie can just go back to her normal rock star life.

Anonymous said...

Wow, think about how pissed she'd be if she had more hair and they'd had to cut it. Because if there was ever a girl who is going to have long, luxurious hair, it's Ellie. "Dad, my hair! Don't touch the hair."