Saturday, August 26, 2006

Steady stream of new faces

We have had a bunch of visitors in the past few days that Ellie has charmed and done tricks for. It is always nice to see new (and familar faces) in the hospital and show off the girl and her fancy hospital penthouse. It really isn't what you would expect a hospital room to be like and the decorations covering her walls make it even less institutional. Maybe I will do a virtual tour like the Real Estate websites and show off all of the amenities beyond the rack of pain chair/bed that I swear is wearing out under the strain of my girth.

Abby's mom is in town to visit for the forst time since April. Ellie is a lot healthier and happier than when her grandma saw her last at Yale and they have been spending some time together over the last few days.

My sister came down yesterday to give blood for the cause if Ellie needs it. since my Lyme experience I am off the list and so is my brother (who lived in England during th e90's apparently) so it is up to Kateand my cousin to be the donors du jour if we need it down the line

My folks stopped by yesterday to see the girl as well. My mom spent last weekend Ellie-sitting and saw plenty of her but my dad hadn't seen her in along while (all of ten days, the horror!!) so we set him up with the girl for a rousing session of Irish songs. I will spare you all the video of the big guy singing songs to his granddaughter. Not enough Kleenex for that one.

My boss's boss from Washington, DC stopped by today for a visit while he was in town as well. Since I work remotely, nobody from my job has seen her even though my boss Phil was close to seeing her since Abby went into labor 36 hours after he left in April. It was nice to see him and show off ellie's new tricks. Apparently he was expecting her to be much smaller. It made me happy to know that she was exceeding expectations sizewise.

A busy few days and I need a nap after last night on the chairbed. But Ellie enjoys all of the new faces and we'd love to see anyone if they are in the area.


Martha Brogan said...

She is absolutely charming, not that I am biased! She is a people person, her whole body is excited to see visitors- Gib is right- Make a trip to Boston to experience Ellie's smile and to hear her talking- she is wonderful- as we leave her, we make plans for our next trip, probably next Friday (Gib's birthday!).

jack said...

Ellie has good musical appreciation. She liked "The
Merry Plowboy" best. Next she liked "The Wild Colonial Boy." She requested, through toe taps, a second rendition of "The County Armaugh." Last on the list was, "Mrs.McGrath." We didn't get through "The Wild Rover." She said it was the story of my life and too close to home for her.

The child has the Irish music in her.

Mike F. said...

Don't forget "The Unicorn". If you need someone to make all the animal's gestures, then my sister is in the Boston area often and is a hoot.


Humpty back camels and some chimpanzees...