Thursday, August 10, 2006

Site Meter

About a month into this experience with a blog (which is very addictive when you have something to write about), I installed an internet counter onto the page to keep track of how amny people have looked at the page, where they come from and how long they stay. I admit that it is a heavy dose of internet Big Brother to add this and I would otherwise avoid tracking people, but it has been an eye opening thing for me.

For example, since I added the counter there have been more than 8,200 visits to Ellie Brogan, averaging 128 visits per day. Now my mom and my sisters visit a lot and assorted relatives also, but that leaves a whole lot of people out there that are looking that I can't account for. In places like Iowa, Nevada and Pennsylvania, only one of which i have ever set foot in, there are people looking at my baby and reading about her adventures.

Sort of strange. Sometimes I feel like my fly is open for the world to see. Other times I hope that a crazy person out there doesn't come looking for us. I usually think about that at two AM in the hospital, though when I can't sleep. It really wouldn't be that hard to find us.

Stranger still is the fact that I may have actually helped some people whose kids have similar conditions to Ellie's. These folks are now asking or demanding of their doctors the same treatment Ellie is getting in their hospitals. I learned today that two families in Canada will be on Omegaven soon that learned about it through this blog. Ellie's Omegaven doctor stopped in today to thank us for the blog and told us that we are helping kids all over.

I honestly never thought that this would be anything more than a diary and maybe a way to send photos without having to send huge emails.

Saving babies is a long way from a personal diary.

Heavy to think about.


Klhark said...

Hi Brogans,
I am your Iowa reader. My sister is Katie from Arizona and my nephew Scotty also has short gut issues. My sister told me about your blog and I read it every day and we talk about you all like you are part of our family. We've been praying for all 3 of you, too.
God Bless,

Alicia said...

The Nevada Connection - Alicia, Chuck and Leigh (Hobart and William Smith friends) - We log on everyday (multiple times a day) to check up on the three of you and think good thoughts. All of you are amazing. Chuck

Leah said...

I (along with a couple of my fellow stay at home moms here in the Clearwater, FL area) check up on and send our good thoughts to Ellie and your family often. My daughter Quinn is just a few weeks younger than her....little baby girls with roots on "The D".

All my best,
Leah (Johnson) Russell

Martha Brogan said...

An average of 128 visits a day- As one of Ellie's Grammas, I'll admit to 8-10 visits a day! It would be great if the other 118 will 'fess up and let you know who and where they are..

kate said...

Ellie fans all over the country. That's pretty great.

If anyone wants one of the snazzy hot pink "TEAM ELLIE" bracelets, we still have a few left. Post a comment or e-mail me at You can see Abby's bracelet in the video and pictures from last Friday - they're quite fashionable. And Grandpa Jack can attest that real men do, indeed, wear hot pink. At least on their wrists.

Rhea said...

Hi Abby, Gib and Ellie

I am the Canadian reader who's daughter is now on Omegaven because of this blog. It is amazing that you share your journey with others. I am thankful that you are helping Olivia to get better.

jack said...


I'm grandpa' Jack, and I can tell you the other old guys in the Y look at me differently now that I show up with my pink, "team Ellie" bracelet every day, particularly the guys in the shower room. People I've known for years are now giving me the hairy eyeball. Not one of them has asked about the bracelet, so I'm content to just let them wonder. A little mystery is good for a guy my age.

Ellie was great yesterday. We were in the garden with her for about an hour. During that time she laughed, and drooled and entertained Martha and I. it was a lunch date with a beautiful, happy baby girl.

Frank and Suellen said...

Dear Abby and Gib,
We log on everyday - it's our way of sending a great big hug to you and your family.
When unexpected events happen in our lifes it is amazing the amount of love that is out there. Having our own website we've met many loving and caring people (and a fair share of people who are just nosey - which is a little creepy).
Your blog to us is a way to feel connected to Ellie and you.
Rory and I are still volunteering at Ronald McDonald House but now we do it with your family in our hearts.
From Jersey

Amy said...

Hello -
I am a follower here in Nebraska.. i think i got a hold of your site via the Yahoo SBS message board and i do visit daily. My son has SBS and i am curious about Elle and her journey ahead. each of these kiddos are different but they each have hope within them. the biggest thing i enjoy is its from Dad's pt of view (maj of the time) as dads struggle with it all as much as moms..
i pray she will cont to be strong. feel free to check out my son's site.. He is doing well but its been a long haul these past 3 years... he is on tube feeds for half his day now but he was a puker too.. he puked at least once if not more each day of his life.. finally in Dec of 05 he quit.. he is not eating and doing very well.. he is atypical of his syndrome.. he was diagnosed with NEC that led to SBS..
Hang in there.. the best is yet to come!!

Mom to Nolan

Adam Hurtubise said...

Rock on, Brogans. I'm tuning in every day.


Barbara Krause said...

I'm the long-time family friend who babysat the Gibber and his siblings. When I could not comfort him, big sister Beth came to the rescue. Ellie's situation is so difficult - but I have to smile anytime Gib weighs in about his baby crying til she gets some lovin'.

The Brogans (blood and by marriage) all rock. The love on this site is absolutely inspiring.

Love and hugs,

sweetsamantha said...

We are writing from Toronto Canada. Our duaghter Samantha has SBS and thanks to your website and the great Dr. Puder Samantha has started her Omegaven therapy today :o) God Bless you and good luck.

Becky said...

This Blog truly is amazing for all of the reasons that you listed and more. Mark looks at "The Short Gut News" before he looks at The Rocky Mountain News!! Your story is so important to so many. Thank you for sharing your lives so vulnerably.

I'm very glad you're back in the saddle Mr. Gib!! We missed you!

Much love from the Beaches!

Anonymous said...

Anne and I were just talking about whether it's possible that all 8200 hits were from the group of us that check compulsively and frequently, but it looks like it's more than just us.

See you all tomorrow!

Colleen said...

A million thanks will never be enough to express our gratitude for sharing Ellie’s story. Our son, Christian, was born with a mid-gut volvulus and lost 90% of his small bowel. It’s very hard for us to understand why our children have to travel such a difficult road, but we firmly believe that all things happen for a reason. Your precious little girl has renewed and invigorated our hope. We’ve just started the paperwork process; getting Intralipid out and Omegaven into our son’s TPN can’t happen fast enough!

Our son’s journey is chronicled on: (carepage name is: ChristianSeng).

Parents of a SBS infant from New Jersey

mikele said...

Hi there!
More love from Arizona. Katie is my good friend and she shared your site with me a couple of months ago. I spent all night going back to read from the beginning. We pray for Ellie daily and our hearts are with your entire family.
Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Brogans,

I'm Angi from Ohio. My son, Daniel, was born with Short Gut. He was on TPN for about 6 months but we were able to wean him off and onto full feeds. He spent about 1 1/2 years in the hospital on and off and in January 2007 had the STEP done on his small intestine. He is still on 100% tube feeds but we were able to have the CV line removed. I found your blog when searching the net about Short Gut and keep up with what is happening with your family. If you would ever like to talk, feel free to e-mail me at I wish you and your family the best.