Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Delayed, my ass.

The evning that Ellie had her first surgery (day zero) I asked her surgeon whether she would be delayed in her development because of her time in the hospital. She told us that overall, hospitalized kids are late reaching developmental milestones because of their time in the hospital.

Even though Abby and I never discussed it at the time, we both sort of took that as a personal challenge and we have done all that we can to make her as 'normal' of a baby as we can despite her long term stay her in the penthouse suite.

The nurses and physical therpists tell us the they are amazed with her progress at doing baby things. One nurse told us the other day that she believes that it is because we spend so much time with her, time that most other babies in the hospital don't get for one reason or another. We are very fortunate to have the time to spend with her.

This week she has started to do more cool growing baby tricks.

She likes to stand:

And just this week she has started to pick her head up and look around when she lays on her belly, a trick that she should have done sooner but she hates being on her belly except to sleep. You would hate it too if you had that many tubes coming out of your belly.

We even got good video of the standing up game:


Emily Phillips said...

Ellie looks so adorable. What a gorgeous baby!

Martha Brogan said...

"Delayed, my ass" is the right title- Holding her, I can feel Ellie starting to sit alone- she wants to be upright. Watch her, I think that she's about to roll over- she gets so excited that she's going to surprise herself and roll! You should be proud of the job that you have done- she is the most social little girl- certainly doesn't fit the model of a "hospitalized child"

Anonymous said...

Gee, Gib, you didn't miss her much while you were away, did you? Poor thing, doesn't get any attention...