Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nine fingers in

Ellie has discovered her fingers and how good they taste. Most of the time there is one whole hand worth in there and the other hand sometimes finds space.

No great news today. still moving along with very slow feeds and seeing where it goes from here. She will get an 'emptying study' done tomorrow to see whether the sphincer (huh, huh, sphincter....) at the bottom of her stomach is low or if the issue is further on down the tube.

We start on the road to selling the hosue tomorrow with a short trip to CT to the doctors and a trip to talk about getting a new floor for our kitchen to replace the very dingy one that is there now.

Then we head down Friday and will be there through Sunday. Hopefully we can use the volunteers that have come out to help to get through the list of not so glamourous jobs that need to be done after Abby walked through with the realtor on Tuesday. we are shooting to list the house on Monday.

We won't be going down later this month, so this weekend is it.

For those of you in Connecticut who have asked what you can do to help, this is it. We 'd love to see you for an hour or two if you can spare it. If by some chance we run out of things to do, come and have a beer and say hello.

Abby is the job foreman (was there any doubt about who is going to run the show?) and her email is Let her know if you are coming or ask for directions. My job is sweaty, heavy lifting and repetitive labor that doesn't require much talent.

I hope the weather is good.
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Martha Brogan said...

Beth and I will leave Freeport early Saturday morning to spend the week-end with "our girl".
Elli and I had a long talk yesterday about "Nine figers in" and gagging. She chose to ignore my advice!

Anonymous said...

The thought of all those Aprils and Brogans under one roof is scary. You're liable to solve the Middle East crisis, cure cancer and end poverty all by Sunday afternoon!Meanwhile, Mom and I will be elbowing each other out of the way to hold the Princess. I can't wait.

Ben April said...

You've got 3 Aprils for 2 days...

Best of luck! ;-)