Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another slow day

No great news today. It is gray and nasty in boston and we have spent most of the day just hanging out with Ellie. Sort of what I imagine a Saturday at home would be like.

Some new pictures for the collection:


Stephany said...

Oh my gosh I love Dress Me Up Ellie Pictures! Thanks for sharing. Stay dry and warm in the rain that was supposedly to come today - now forecasted for tomorrow!

Happy Labor Day!

kate said...

The girl know how to wear a hat. What a fashion plate.

Martha Brogan said...

Thanks for the new pictures- i needed an Ellie fix- she is a beautiful girl- how is she doing, sticking out her tongue?

Barbara Krause said...

I dunno: I think new Ellie pics are pretty darned exciting, myself. Stylin' with that hat, she'd fit right in here in Saratoga Springs. You know, all that horse money.

Happy belated birthday, Gib. Somehow over the years your day had migrated to Sept. 3 on my calendar, so really I'm right on time.