Sunday, September 24, 2006

Flawless, absolutely flawless

The relocation is nearly complete. All that is left is ome paperwork and a whole lot of signatures and we will be finished, but this weekend was a giant step to move ur lives to be with Ellie.

On Friday evening the legendary April brothers, my sister and her boyfriend Bob beat the familiar trail to Connecticut and were ready and in place Saturday morning with a clear plan to load the truck when I backed it into our driveway at 9:30 that morning.

By 10:45 the enourmous U-Haul truck was fully loaded with three bedrooms of stuff and after a pause to clean the floors and vacuum the rug, we were on the road by noon. Two and a half hours.

Presto! It was as if I snapped my fingers and all of our stuff had been transported into the truck.

The truck did remarkably well on the MassPike even though I am a lousy U-Haul driver and by 1:45 we were in Wellesley where we were met by another 11 people who were waiting for us to unload the truck. All together, there were 18 people on site including one poor exchange student who got roped into moving boxes and we had the truck unloaded and all of the boxes of stuff into its corrent place in one hour and 15 minutes.

I felt like I was at a barn raising.

Presto! all of our stuff was in a new place. I told Abby that I wasn;t sure whether some things had been moved because I didn't see them leave the house in CT or go into the house in MA. Empty house, empty truck, they must have made the trip.

I returned the truck two days early ( I guess that most people take days to move) and we were done by 4:30.

Thanks to the tremendous help that we got on both ends , we were done in 8 hours.

If only everyone could get the help that we got moving wouldn't suck so much.

I will gladly volunteer to move anyone after this experience.


Martha Brogan said...

Jack and I had the best duty this week-end, dancing with Ellie-what a performer. Her April cousins arrived just as she was going to sleep. She perked right up, laughng and smiling. We had a fabulous week-end-tired arms today- Ellie locks her knees and dances, song after song- really does not want to sit!

k8land said...

Well, if you get stuck and can't find something, you just need to check in with the 18 of us...maybe someone'll remember it. I promise that truck was empty, though. Congrats on your new place--it's lovely.