Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Drugs, new House

ellie started her Cisapride last night. After more than a month of jumping through hoops and waiting for the goods to arrive, it finally showed up last nigth and we got her on it as soon as possible with a dose before bed last night. The GI folks tell us that it might be two weeks before we see real evidence that it is working, but we hope that it takes effect sooner and increases ellie's intestinal motility. We'll see.

We also went and signed the lease for our new house this evening, It was nerve wracking for us because we knew that the house was an amazing bargain for what it was and where it is and we were afraid that the owner would come to his senses and jack up the price before we could sign on the dotted line. He made it interesting for us with some hemming and hawing about how much money he has put into the house in the last month, but ultimately he signed the lease for the amount we had expected. We can move in on the 15th after the painters finish but won't do the real move until the following weekend.

We are excited by both of these bits of news and will post some pictures when we get a chance to go over with the camera.

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