Thursday, September 07, 2006

Got a roof for our heads

We got word last night that we have been okayed to move into the house in Wellesley. iImagine that, Gib Brogan living in Wellesley, the land of wealth and privilege. Not that Mystic and Ledyard were the projects.

This should be fun, especially when I drive my P.O.S. Subaru to Whole Foods. The PTA will cringe as I park next to their Range Rovers.

We can move in on the 15th but are planning on moving the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. This means that we will be able to move out of CT and avoid a storage unit, which is great.

Anyone up for carrying boxes?


Abby Brogan said...

Free Beer and food, Free BEER and FOOD! Gib forgot that part. We would love to see anyone that wants to stop by.

Martha Brogan said...

You can't tell me that your POS car will make it to Wellesley- they'll stop you at the gate!
We had a great visit with your girls today- Ellie and Abby in the crib together, playing with a toy, Ellie intent on grabbing it and putting it right into her mouth!

Ben April said...

If you liked them in:
"The Thomas Crown [Moulding] Affair",
"Cat [Builds] a Hot Tin Roof", and
"Pump up the [Voltage]"
you'll love them in "Homeward Bound 8, Gus goes north".

Currently I think I'm in and Tim's going to see what he can do, Greg's gotta work. (All subject to change)

Tunny said...

Glad you found a house and hope the move goes well. Ellie is so like Naomi (except that Naomi was greenish yellow by this stage so the Omegaven must be doing good stuff). Naomi also had 30cm of bowel and got 'stuck' at 2 or 3 mls of milk an hour and could not tolerate any more than that without vomiting green bile so I know how hard it is for you all. Because we were losing the race against liver damage we didn't have the luxury of time to try anything but surgery but for Naomi the Bianchi bowel lenthening operation was a huge turning point and within a month she was able to tolerate over 30mls an hour. I think you are right that avoiding the OR is good if you can but if it turns out that you can't then an operation that improves the functioning of the gut may work out well for Ellie too. I wish you could have seen Naomi last week dancing on holiday - you would be amazed how well she is considering the start she had in life.
I hope the new drug gives you the improvement Ellie needs to progress to eating more.
Tunny and Naomi

Barbara Krause said...

Unlike those now famous Aprils, I have very few useful skills around the house. (I am coming to terms with this - and actually had a recent success painting my front door a lovely cranberry red shade that Home Depot calls "Luscious". But I digress.) While I'm not exactly handy around the house, I'm an awesome box lugger. So count me in if you're looking for help.


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