Sunday, September 17, 2006


In addition tot he huge amounts of traditional QT (quality time) that we are getting with Ellie, she may also have her own version of QT that isn't so nice.

On Friday she had her forst follow up EKG to check on her heart function after a few days on cisapride. Apparently, some kids had some problems with their heart function when they were on it before, so her follow up EKG was scheduled as she went on the drug. The initial report from the cardiologist was that everything looked fine which was encouraging to Abby and I because we were seeing some benefit of the Cisapride since she went on it. If this works she might avoid another surgery.

Since the doctors here are very thorough they had another cardiologst look at her EKG yesterday to verify what the 'first glance' results said. The second look showed that Ellie's 'Q-T' (the time between the bumps in her heart fnction which indicates when her heart valves open and close) may be a bit longer than in her test before taking cisapride. To be safe we have taken her off cisapride until the full cardiology team can look at the EKG and give a solid opinion that we all can sleep on. She got her last dose yesterday afternoon and we hope to know one way or the other by Monday afternoon.

A bit of a bummer, but just another little bump in the road. Ellie is doing very well and spent the day yesterday enteratining her grandparents and learning mildly offensive Irish bar songs from her grandfather. she is happy as can be and doing just fine othe than the the standard issues.

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