Monday, September 18, 2006

A plan for the weekend move

We have come up with a pencil sketch of the plan to move this coming weekend.

This past weekend Abby and I went ot Connecticut and boxed up almost everything but the bed and sheets. The boxes are all in the garage awaiting the truck.

This Friday afternoon we will go to Connecticut and do the last of the packing.

Saturday AM we will get the Uhaul as soon as we can and begin loading the truck. My guess is that loading should only take a few hours. The crappy work has been done and it is just a matter of playing a game of furniture Tetris in the truck.

When it is full we will load up the car (the POS came to MA this weekend, strong as can be) and drive the whole show to MA. When we get there we will unpack and be moved.

Now the trick is how many able bodies we can get in each spot. Many hands make short work and we could use the help if you are near or up for a trip.

I really hope that some of the overly able-bodied Aprils are up for a game of Tetris.

Our thought is that we can use folks in either end of the trip: loading Saturday morning or unloading Saturday afternoon and evening.

If you are willing to help, we could use your help.

Once again, Abby is the brains behind this operation and if you could email her at, that would be great.


Anonymous said...

Bob and I are in, wherever you need us, all weekend. Let's go to dinner Friday night?

I'm bringing with me a picture of Gib when he was about Ellie's age. Same cheeks, same eyes, same nose... it's freaking me out a little bit.

Ben April said...

And Guggie makes 3!

Looks like plans chnaged again and you'll have all 3 Stooges this weekend. We'll be down Friday night.