Saturday, June 17, 2006

All pink and snuggled in with Gramma

Ellie is making good progress with her bowels. She is also making good progress with her liver and the menhaden oil that is going through her. The doctors tell us that by this point every fat in every cell of her body has been replaced by the Omega-3 oils in the Omeganven lipid source.

This reversed some of the damage that the TPN has done to her liver and today we heard that her bilirubin number has dropped to 2.3, below the level where babies are visibly jaundiced. The other blood indicators has dropped significantly as well.

No wonder my mother commented on how pink she looked today. The bilirubin is not masking the real color of her cheeks.
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Martha Brogan said...

Fish oil is an amazing product. Ellie didn't need a blood test to tell that her bilirubin was down- she had beautiful color yesterday-the first time that I had ever seen pink. Love that fish oil doctor!

kate said...

Even though I barely got a cuddle with the girl yesterday (even the nurses had to pry her out of her grandmother's arms by force to do what they needed to do), I got the full therapeutic effect of pink, perky Ellie and happy, relaxed Dad.

If any of you Team Ellie members out there are feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the ups and downs of this ride we're all on, I have one piece of advice - Get Thee to Boston! You'll walk out of that hospital with a smile on your face. The Brogans of Boston are an amazing family.

Happy Father's day, Gibby. You are a world-class Dad. The luckiest thing that will ever happen to Eleanor is that she has you and Abby as her parents. You make me proud to be your sister, and I love you all.

Barbara Krause said...

Kate's message gave me goose bumps. I think you're all pretty darned amazing!