Friday, June 09, 2006


We are in the long waiting stage now. Waiting for Monday to come for Ellie's surgery. we see the doctors and nurses each day as usual but there is no real discussion of her care. It is more informational and hey how are you? We have sene the anestheiologist, the nurses, the surgeon, but nothing new except some new forms to sign to okay her surgery.

we are going to Abby's sister's house for the night on Satuday to have a final recharge before the surgery. They are heading out of town so we can cook dinner and spend the night with the dog before we come in on Sunday for pre-op fun and games.

Ellie had another photo shoot today for a news story about volunteer knitters at the hospital. We dressed her up in her new dress for the occasion and tried to get photos of her without her Red Sox Binky.

No luck with that. But she is still a very well dressed little girl.


heather said...

Ellie is going to do great! You all are in my thoughts always,

jack said...

Did you think up the term "nervous needles." It sure is accrate.

Between the knitting and the sewing it seems like a clothing store up here in Maine.

We'll be at Children's bright and early on Monday.

Keep on keepin' on.

Unknown said...

It was great to see you all! I'll be thinking of you on Monday. I apologize for contributing to the binky addiction. :)

Tunny said...

Hi Abby, Gib and Ellie,

I found your site when you left the address on the short bowel syndrome group. Ellie is gorgeous and seems to be doing really well. Our family started the same journey as yours in October 2003 when Naomi was born with most of her bowel missing and your posts really remind me of the time she spent in hospital. Just wanted to say good luck to all of you on Monday (I used to find the surgery easier to handle if I went shopping instead of sitting waiting at the hospital!). As I mentioned on the SBS site Naomi had a Bianchi at 3 months old which is just as big a procedure as STEP and even after 6 or 7 hours of surgery she didn't come back to the ward on a ventilator and she was smiling again the day after surgery so hopefully Ellie wont need ventilating either.
Tunny and Naomi

Frank and Suellen said...

Ellie is the a beautiful model! W
Rory and I have been caretakers of a Ronald McDonald Room in our local neo-natal unit. The room was built with funds from Patrick's Foundation. Since we can't be with you we are giving our personal support to south jersey families. But you know our hearts are with all you.
Love the photo sent in the mail.

Martha Brogan said...

We had dinner last night with the Morse High School retired English teachers- everyone had a wonderful story to tell about Children's and sent their best to you. Today will be a long day and an even longer night for all of us- hang in their and think good thoughts.
I don't know Tunny and Naomi but I love tnem!

Barbara Krause said...

Team Ellie is with you. Good thoughts from Saratoga Springs and hugs to all.


Gramma said...

We'll be thinking of you today. The new pictures are beautiful!
Love, Gramma and Betsy