Saturday, June 03, 2006

A slow Saturday

Abby and I went back to her sister's house last night to have a night away before what we asusme will be a rough few weeks after her next surgery, which will effective put us back where we started on day 1 with Ellie on a ventilator, with tubes and wires and all of the other accessories which we have pared away since then and the long hours of waiting and watching. we are taking time now before all of that comes back to us. We have gotten to the point that another surgery is going to happen she simply is not progressing as we had hoped and 'going back in' is the way to fix what is gone. The question now is what surgery to do to try and best get at the problem and make things better. There are a bunch of options and we are collecting information and opinions from a bunch of places. It looks like we will try to disconnect her bowel and let it come back to normal size and see where that takes us. If that doesn't work, the more radical STEP surgery is still an option but if we do the more radical surgery, the former is not an option. we both see the logic of keeping options open and are leaning this way.

Hopefully anaother surgery will happen this week or next, setting the ball in motion in a new direction which hopefully will get us to the door, the ultimate goal.

We got back around lunch today and have had a very slow day, sitting around with Eleanor, and going for a walk to get lunch with her.

She is quite comforatbale snuggling in with us. Or the nurse. or a volunteer baby rocker. But leave her alone at your own risk. Apparently this morning was interesting without us here.

We got word today that friends of our had a baby last week in Florida. Another girl which makes it girls for three of us on the first try. Payback is a bear.

When we get together next, it will be a sea of pink. Oh, yeah the names are great, too: The group of girls are Mia, Eleanor, Audrey, and Norah. My guess is that there won't be many duplicates of those names in Kindergarten.

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Martha Brogan said...

Way to go, Ellie- Did you cause trouble this morning? You do love being held.