Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Video

I took a short video today and posted it on YouTube to show how well she is doing after her surgery. She is doing very well and everyone is peased with her progress so far.

The one strange thing for Abby and I is getting used to her cry in the days after she had a ventilator tube in her throat. It makes even the tiniest cry sound so sad.


Tunny said...

Just logged in to see how the surgery went and glad you found the shopping suggestion helpful!

I guess the last few days have been just get over the initial effects of the surgery and now some relief to be out of NICU but the reality of Ellie's condiiton being worse than you thought will then hit the family.

It's a scary position to find yourselves in with a baby with only 30cm or bowel because as you say it is extremely short. When Naomi was born with only 30cm and no ileocecal valve I scoured the internet to find info about SBS and lots of the things I found didn't give a good outlook for babies with less than 40cm. I did however find one boy called Seth whose mother had a website and he also had 30cm of bowel and he spent 3 years on TPN before having a bowel lenthening operation. He was 13 at the time I found his site. He's now almost 16 and has no major medical problems. I always kept his story close to my heart and hoped that Naomi would do as well with her 30cm as he had.
She had her Bianchi a little younger than Seth at 3 months old and is now approaching her 3rd birthday with no tubes or pumps since last Christmas.

Hope the success stories of Seth and Naoml help keep your hopes high for Ellie as you find out how well she can cope with her 30cm (and from experience it won't be an easy journey - but the poop is a very good sign!!

((hugs)) Tunny and Naomi

Naomi's site

Seth's site

Dawn said...

I think I might have melted when I watched that video, you have the most precious daughter ever!

Karen Petterson said...

Thanks for the movie Gib. It is SO good to see some action from this too far away computer. She is amazing!

Barbara Krause said...

I was away for a few days ("retreating" with my new colleagues at a beautiful place on Lake Placid). I did not log onto a computer while I was away and realized how much I miss the daily fix of Ellie on Line. And now we have Ellie Live! Wonderful news about the poop and otherwise strong recovery.

Gotta love those nurses. I'm glad they synchronized the moves so that re-entry has been relatively easy. You're in my thoughts!!


heather said...

Ellie is so precious!