Thursday, June 15, 2006

The New Pipes Get into Gear

We were greeted this morning by the NICU nurse who told us that Ellie's pipes have started to work again for real. Yesterday, she had a few diapers that were bright yellow but smelled like stool/poop/dookie which was an odd mix but a good sign.

This morning we got the report of a 'huge poop' that came in the middle of the morning. Giddy up, the pipes are working after just three days of recovery.

Who said poop? I'll take some of that.

We are waiting and watching for more and hoping to get good action without an excess. A tricky midpoint.

Ellie is on to straight Tylenol (which is still a lot for an 8 lb baby) but is better than being on Fentanyl or Morphine. She is awake, alert, and a lot happier than yesterday when I was in visiting her.

We hope that there will be space in the inpatient room in the next day or so, but we still are in no hurry to get her moved until we are all good and ready for it.


Martha Brogan said...

"A huge poop"- That's the news we've been waiting for. Good girl,Ellie. Gib, I just talked with you and your whole tone has changed in the past day- I feel better!
I sleep better,knowing that she's in the NICU for a day or so, especially when you say that she's alert and doing well. Keep up the poop reports.

Stephany said...

Yeah for poop! Good girl Ellie! You make Mom and Dad so proud!

Glad your little girl is doing beter and happier now that she's on some milder drugs!

Frank and Suellen said...

Yea!!!! Ellie is learning quickly that everyone feels better after a good poop! Can't wait to meet Ellie and change diapers again!!
We smile everyday at Ellie's adorable picture on our refrig.
smooches to the whole Brogan Clan.