Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Plan is Set

We have a plan for the next step in Eleanor's treatment.

On Monday morning, bright and early, she will have another surgery. Dr. Jaksic, Ellie's suregon here at Children's is going to go in and look at her intestines and, depending on what he sees, either1) attempt to open open the bottle neck where her small and large bowels meet (the anastomosis) and put a temporary pleat innher small intestine to bring it back into a more normal size, or 2) disconnect her bowel and bring the open end to the surface as an ostomy (like a colostomy, but hopefully a bit less smelly). We are open to either of these options and have great confidence in Dr. Jacsik, who is being very flexible in his thinking an accepting of new ideas to go after her bowel without using the new STEP procedure that he is a proponent of but we are still unsure of.

So we now have a few days to catch our collective breath, catch up on some sleep, and then we dive headlong back into the chaotic life of having a baby recovering from surgery in either the NICU, the recovery room or up here where we ahve been for a while. We are crossing our fingers that Ellie won't need to go onto a ventilator after surgery, but that depends on how she reacts to anaesthesia, etc and is beyond our control.

My Parents are coming down to be here on Monday to give a hand, and a shoulder and Jennifer, Abby's sister will be here as well so we should be in business as we wait for the surgery to be over and the long hours of waiting afterwards.

My folks visted today and we finally remembered to get the first ever Brogan family photo as we sat in the garden this afternoon.

We also took some pictures of sunbathing Ellie:

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Martha Brogan said...

It was fun to see you all, especially out in the sun in that beautiful garden. Ellie looks so long. I'm glad that plans are in place for Monday and that you have great faith in her surgeon- you've made a difficult decision. Dad and I will see you Monday unless I need an Ellie-fix earlier.