Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pain Management

We are moving very slowly and cautiously these days with Ellie and her progress out of the NICU to the inpatient floor. The doctors have told us that pain management is more art than science in infants and it is taking a while to 'dial in' her pain meds to keep her alert and healthy while managing her pain.

In the meantime, we are in no hurry to get her out from under the watchful eyes of her nurse du jour. For us, the hospital is the hospital, we have dealt with the NICU before, and we'd rather be safe than have to make another return trip to the NICU.

No news on her overall recovery. Her epidural came out yesterday and along with it her Foley catheter, so we get to change diapers again.

we are learning about the new bells and whistles that she had installed on Monday. Her new Broviak IV line in her chest looks scary but is much better than the one on her arm. Her ne G-tube is much better and the long dangling tube can even be removed in the future when she doesn't need it leaving just a button on her belly. High tech plumbing.

So far so good. I have had four straight night's sleep in a bed and Abby and I are feeling fresh and ready for action. Abby is even thinking about playing soccer with her sister tonight in a women's summer league. Doctor's orders were to settle in so she got fancy new shin pads last night (man would a broken leg suck right now) and will be running around this evening.

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Stephany said...

I'm glad to hear Ellie is on the road to recovery - and that you two are as well. It was nice to hear that Gib is sleeping and Abby is getting out there and moving around. I know it's a long haul, you two are amazing. Ellie is quite the trooper.