Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Short Gut Hokey Pokey

And the dance continues.

As soon as the doctors told us that they were encouraged by Eleanor's progress and ability to move forward with her feeding (from a whopping 1 ml/hour to 2 ml/hour), she goes and decides to start spitting up her food along with some nice green bile. Not a lot. Not even enough to need to change her clothes.

All engine stop. Circle the wagons.

Bing bang boom, in one hour this afternoon we had a new x-ray or her belly (all signs are good down there), a culture of her blood, a count of the cells in her blood ('CBC' is a Complete Blood Bount if you ever wondered what they were saying on ER) and a fresh new prescription for some baddass antribiotics (Vancomycin) to nip any infection of her central line in the bud.


So much for the great progress. Now we stop and wait to see what the deal is with today's problems.

No food. Just some prime Ellie watching. Which, on the bright side, is going very well. She is up and smiling, cooing, and looking around all day and is very active. These are good signs that may show that whatever infection she may have is early in its progression and we hope that we can deal with this and kepp on the food wagon some time soon.

Another bright note for today- Ellie's blood test today was an opportunity to get another bilirubin test to see how her fish oil feeding is going. Her numbers continue to go down. 1.6 is her new number. down from 4.4, a few weeks ago and 2.3 on Sunday. the graph shows how she has progressed with omegaven. The graph of other kids would be a line upward, towards a transplant, hopefully Ellie won't go that way.

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Martha Brogan said...

Our girl keeps us hopping. I'm going to bed tonight, believing that all she needed was a good burp and that she doesn't have an infection- how can she have an infection, if she's happy and cooing? keep burping her.