Thursday, June 01, 2006

Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.

With hot and cold doctors, nurses, and other assorted folks running aorund the hospital and paying visits to Ellie, I have noticed a strange quirk of language as they talk to each other and to us.

First off the doctors all call each other by their first names.

I prefer to call them Dr. so and so. I think that this is related to me not wanting to think about some guy named Tom, or Bill or Joe operating on my baby, but I feel fine that Dr. Smith, Dr. Sullivan, and Dr. McGary are operating on her.

When talking about them, but not to them, Abby refers to them as Smith, Jones, and Johnson. No Dr. No Mr. No Bill or John.

There isn't a right way, I'm sure, but just something interesting that I have noticed.

We call all of the nurse by their first names, but it is rare that any of them call us by our first names and so far only one of them has called us by our first names.

She is great and is Ellie's lead nurse. If she said 'hey shithead', I'd turn with a smile since she is so great with Ellie.

I got a sir tonight as I left the hospital. I think that came from my appearance after 36 hours straight in the building, but it was wierd.

Ellie was sound asleep when I just talked to Abby at the hospital.

Her night in the barrel.

I hope her daughter cooperates like she did last night instead of the normal act she puts on for her Mom. We think that it is because Abby smells like food that Ellie gets upset and frustrated that she can't eat.

Lucky for me that my man boobs don't have the same effect.


Becky said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Gib, you CRACK me up!!!!

I love this blog. I really do. I love the information, the way you write, but mostly the fact that I get to feel connected somehow from out here in Denver. Thank you for including me.

Constantly thinking of you and praying for healing,


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Gib,

I love your moments of reflection. You and Miss Abigail are doing a bang up job.

~Officer Kate