Friday, January 11, 2008

12:30 Update

All is well from the OR. At 9 she went under and was ready for the surgeon. By 12:30 they were still opening things up and working through her adhesions, strands of scar tissue which formed after earlier surgeries. Once these are open and out of the way they can get on with the real work of revising her plumbing..

We are thinking that around 3 PM (9AM plus 6 hours) she should be done with the OR and then it is usually an hour or two before she is cleaned up and ready to see us in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). We are not on the list for a stay in the NICU so we hope to be up to our friends on 10 East a little after dinner time.

Abby is asleep on the couch in a quiet corner of the waiting room hopefully dreaming of yesterday's Ellie dress-up session:

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Susi said...

Please know that the Maine-Florida Browns are sending prayers for a complete recovery for this bump in Ellie's journey to growing to 4T's in no time.
while you are hanging out on 10E look for Camden. He's been deserted this week-end while Dad has gone to Maine to work and Mom and Madison are trying to prepare Camden's room for his pending homecoming!!!
Camden's second surgery was to undo a blockage that resulted at the spot of his first surgery. My question is when will they develop a stent to prevent these collapses?? Grampy Brown's three are doing a great job in his heart!
Will keep on checking on you all. Hugs all around. Susanne & Jack