Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poop, lots of it.

Last night as I lay next to her, Ellie put her newly adjusted bowels to work for us and laid down one very stinky poop. After I stopped congratulating her she rolled over and slept the night for me, a welcome break from the previous night that I was at Children's that I spent holding her hand as she dealt with hr pain meds and the falling feeling.

She has pooped another four times today and even though we are leery of too much of a good thing, it is good to see things move through to tell us that there is likely not an obstruction or other clog in her plumbing.

With shared that good news with Dr. Jennings and disconnected Ellie's g-tube from its gravity bottle today to let her handle her own fluids. If she can do this without trouble, we will progress to clear fluids tomorrow and then start ramping up her Elecare feeds after that. Everyone involved is very happy with her progress and she is perking up even compared to yesterday.

She is off of morphine already which is great and let's us roam the hospital with her. She loves to go for walks and see the sights which is good for all of us. For some reason going back to the hospital was much more annoying for Abby and I than we had expected. Taking Ellie to walk makes things much better.

Ellie all loaded up for a walk and showing us her Tiger impression.

We are still having trouble posting things to this blog from Children's so updates may befew and far between in the coming days but we will try and get good news up through a Starbuck's trip. Info to the world+ a double espresso is a good thing.

Steady as we go. We are still optimistic about coming home sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

Been thinking of the three of you all week and checking the site. Glad Ellie's doing so well and making such steady progress. Any hotel gets old after a few days :) and I'm hoping you get to head home soon. Good job hanging tough with all the steps in the process.

Anonymous said...

As I looked at the pictures you sent Mom, I imagined Princess Zutano being driven around on her Cleopatra-like dais, dropping in on all her old friends on 10 East to say hello. Her smile is back, and as enchanting as ever. Nice work, mom and dad. Do you think Dr. Jennings would wear an Irish sweater if I knit one? (Kidding, kidding... I think).
See you soon, I hope. Give her a big hug from me.
Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

Wishes for continued progress and a quick return home. We're cheering you on from Arizona, Ellie! You go girl.

Love, prayers and hugs,
Collin's Grandma