Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Update

Ellie is continuing to pare down her plumbing and over the course of the last 12 hours has lost her N-G tube, her epidural and the catheter in her diaper along with her heart monitor/oxygen sensors. That leaves her with just a central line and a fancy new G-tube, just like we came in on Friday.

With the loss of the epidural Ellie is now being hit with IV pain meds which might be a trick to get dialed in but overall her progress is good and her spirits are very high.

She is doing so well in fact that I am at home right now with Gus riding out a nor'easter that never happened (I swear the weather forecasters and the grocery stores are in cahoots) and will go in today around lunchtime to take over for Abby who spent the night last night.

She is still not eating or taking food through her g-tube which means a temporary round of 24-hour TPN but that is okay for now. Hopefully this round will let us move further away from TPN when we get home.

Judging by her progress so far, that is looking like it may happen sooner than we thought but I am keeping my finger crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Uh Oh ... Ellie you getting better too fast.. I hope you don't get released before we get there (Just Kidding)!! We are still in Maine probably make the trek once we hear the Boston/Portland Wx is winding down (we can usually drive through anything but after the December 13th storm, we see that people in the city can't)

On a serious note... It Is Great to hear progress ahead of schedule... We hope that you spread the wealth down the hall, and if we dont see you tonight we hope to catch you in the morning before you get out. Tonya, Maddie and I are thinking of you all as well. I will call down to see if Camden is too now.

-AndyB (Camden's Dad)