Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Multitasking with a $1400 piece of equipment

Our visit with Dr. Jennings was very good today. He is very pleased that Ellie is doing so well since it has only been Ten days since we left Children's and 18 since he cut her belly wide open. Having her giggle through the exam and treatment today was a good sign.

He shared our concern about the change in Ellie's ostomy/poop habits over the last week and believes that it is caused by her ostomy still being too loose to force food down her colon rather than the chimney being pinched off. This was great relief to us and even better was his description of the chimney connection as being 'wide open'. Wide open is good for now.

So we agreed that we need to make her ostomy opening even smaller and go back to plugging it with a g-tube. Conveniently we have a stockpile of old G-tubes that we got when Ellie's g-tube was bigger (16 French as they call it) that are no use to us. Call it karma but her current ostomy opening is exactly the size of her old g-tube. A perfect match.

So we will try plugging her for a while and see if we can convince the food to go down instead of out and hope for poop.

Let's hope the simple explanation is the best one.

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