Friday, January 18, 2008


We got the green light this morning and then the push for the door started. Ellie took a morning nap and then we headed out the door. She didn't moon walk this time, but she, and her mother were very happy to finally be outside again.
Gus and Karlene were waiting for us at home. Ellie got a nice bath and then has headed out on a walk with Gib. We are all glad to be home, and I think I will go take a nap. Thank you 10 East nurses and staff for another great stay.


Susi said...

What a beautiful picture of starting that ride home. Camden will be heading out on Tuesday for Maine, and this grandmother is scared to death. Four hours seems like a long long time to put the little guy into a carseat for his first ride.
You, Gib and Abby, must truly know that it is such a great inspiration to watch Ellie grow and flourish. May our friendship continue. Nana Brown

Jessica Rice said...

Yay! Welcome home and congrats on a successful visit :)

mini and brother said...

Way to go, Ellie!! We've been praying for you all week. So glad to know you're all home. What an amazing family!

Stephany said...

Welcome Home Brogans!!