Thursday, January 10, 2008

and we haven't even gotten to the hospital yet....

For some reason this time around we decided to say what the hell and not rest up before Ellie's surgery tomorrow. In fact, until today we pretty much ignored that it was coming (other than using her impending stay at the Longwood Bar and Grill as an excuse to delay our new Year's diets).

I may have taken that approach a little bit too far when I agreed to make a two day work trip to Washington Wednesday and Thursday before Ellie's Friday AM surgery. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

My miracle of modern transportation went something like this:

4 AM Wednesday- I wake up change Ellie's various middle of the night things, feed the dog and leave for the airport at 4:45 AM

6:30 AM I fly to Washington and arrive at the headquarters of my job

11 PM I finish a full day and evening of work.

9 AM today I start meetings.

5 PM I start my trip home.

10:42 PM I am in our driveway staring down another 4:30 wakeup call tomorrow to head to Children's for Ellie's surgery.

We need to be there by 6 for pre-op. I am glad that there are many Dunkin Donuts along the way for coffee and fully rationalized 'necessary' donuts....

But I shouldn't complain since it was Abby and Karlene who were here all day today doing pre-op 'bowel prep' with Gut Girl. I won't go into details but it involved huge volumes of laxative solution and numerous rounds of, shall we say, bottom-up cleansing? Ellie was good sport apparently which is amazing to me and we are all very glad that they could do the prep at home instead of checking in a night early.

Relative to that, though, a 42 hour round trip to Washington sounds easy to me.

We will try to post updates as the morning goes on but, knock on wood, everything should be pretty smooth.

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MommyNay said...

Im a new reader(and new mom to a little girl with SBS) I wanted to wish you and your wife(and Ellie too!) many blessing for tomorrow. Your all in my thoughts!