Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soft and Pink Round 2

Well the results are in and Ellie's biopsy supports all of the great news that we have gotten over the last 21 months about the effects of Omegaven to protect her liver from TPN damage.

The biopsy says, using very technical and scary words that Google says are really bad, that the damage to her liver is the same as her first biopsy that happened just after her liver function tests started to really improve in the summer of 2006. She still has some significant fibrosis in her liver which is a bad thing but it hasn't progressed toward the really bad things that we should have seen many months ago. This good news is further supported by the interpretation of Dr. Puder who noted that this biopsy was missing some of the damage that was seen in the earlier biopsy.

This is a big step for Ellie but also for all of he kids who use Omegaven since this is the first long-term follow up biopsy that they have done on an omegaven kid. Even though all of her liver function tests were good we didn't know for sure what was going on in her liver until now.

Who knows, she may just have her own medical journal article someday to go along with this blog that has chronicled all of her adventures so far.

We sleep a lot better knowing that the damage has been stopped and maybe even reversed a bit.

Ellie is oblivious to all of this and is most interested in her metallic pink cowboy boots that arrived today from her Aunt.

Christmas came almost a month late this year.


Anonymous said...

I would have felt a lot better this time last week if I had known she'd be tromping around in a onesie and pink cowboy boots today! I'm glad you're enjoying being home. When she dances to the Wiggles in that outfit, please videotape it for me. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear continued good news. And so jealous of those boots.

Susi said...

Today's post is one of the reasons that I continue to read Ellie's Blog. What wonderful hope you give to those who are practically just beginning the Road of Life with Short Gut like our little Camden. You give us hope and inspiration. He seems to be doing so well at home. We talked with his Great Aunt Shirly last night and she was so thrilled to get to hold him, making him laugh and showing his dimples!! XO Nana Brown