Friday, January 11, 2008

With a smile and a giggle she is in

ellie went in for surgery a few minutes after 8 this morning.

we met with Dr. Jennings for a while before hand to go over the detials of what he is going to do and we are still looking at a 'revision' of her plumbing and some work on her g-tube to make it less leaky since, as he told us, we are in for the long haul with it.

He planned for 4-6 hours of surgery but told us that it could be a longer time in there depending on what he finds and whether it looks like it doesn on the x-rays.

She was offered pre-op sedation while we waited but giggled as the Dr. offered it so we passed and she danced her way into the OR with her mom.

We are at starbucks across the street having $4 lattes and will check in from time to time. The waiting room is a tough place to wait.


Stephany said...

Thinking of you all today - saying a prayer all goes well and smoothly and your get your smiling dancing little girl back to her moves soon!

Kate said...

I think a little "during-op" sedation might be appreciated today by some of Ellie's fans across the country.
On the edge of my seat,
Aunt Kate

Astraea said...

Warm Arizona prayers are being sent your way!

Anonymous said...

The nervous needles are out in Maine, whipping up something special for the princess. See you soon.
Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

This is Austin's grandmother or "gi-gi" as he sometimes calls me. I have been keeping up with Ellie's progress and am so happy for you all the great strides she is making. Austin goes to clinic in Boston on Valentine's Day. Praying all goes well for Ellie today and you achieve the desired results.

Jana Weaver said...

Camden's Auntie checking in from Germany - hope everything goes well for Ellie today! We're thinking about you all that it goes quickly and smoothly!! If you see my little guy Camden there on 10East tell him Auntie misses him! :-)

Sarah Sullivan said...

We are thinking of you all and hoping things go even better than expected. Here's to good pain management, caring nurses and at least a little sleep for all of you :)
Sarah, Jim and Molly