Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More steps in the right direction

Eleanor continued to make progress over the last few days.

She is now up to a whopping 9 pounds, 5 ounces. All without a significant amount of food and without serious damge to her liver.

She has also progressed on her feedings to 5 ml/hour and hasn't shown any problem with this amount so far. She is happy, pooping, farting and not vomiting or even gagging. We realize that at some point in this progression of feeding Ellie will reach a wall where she can't tolerate any more food and we will ahve to ride along at that level, but for now, she hasn't gotten to that point and we keep moving up each day, trying to find where her limit is.

Right now, at 5 ml/hr (~125/day, 4 ounces per day) she has gotten tot he point that her feedings are in fact feeding her. Because of that we may have to adjust her TPN to slow her growth down over the next few days. This may mean more time each day off the TPN, or we may reduce the rate at which she gets her TPN infused. I hope that it is more time off, but it is not my call.

Good news. We like good news.

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Stephany said...

Alright Ellie! Keep up the great eating!