Wednesday, July 19, 2006

August 1

We met with Ellie's doctors and nurses, etc today and as of this morning, the target to get Ellie out of Children's is the week of August 1.

The transition begins immediately and we are going to get educated in all sorts of Ellie care things, but soon we will be doing them from home.

Yes, HOME!!!!

This is, of course, barring any set backs. (knock on wood now).


amy DelMonaco said...

what exciting news!! Go Ellie! Hows Gib? Can't wait to visit. Take care.

The DelMonaco Family

Alicia said...

Wow! We're so excited for you!

Chuck, Alicia & Leighjee

Mike F. said...

That's great news! So happy for you all.

The Flaherty Family

kate said...

August 1st! Hooray! That girl's going to be sunning herself in her back yard before you know it!

Sophie said...

So glad to hear it!! I might have to scalp thoe Red Sox tickets for the 16th! Keep us posted!

Barbara Krause said...

Awesome. Incredible. Terrific. That news is the best way I can imagine to start my day!!


Stephany said...

Oh Abby & Gib & Ellie Congratulations on the good news - praying hard and keeping my fingers crossed all goes well these next two weeks so the Brogan Family can FINALLY go home and enjoy their daughter in the comforts of their humble abode!

Abby - How's Gib doing??

Jess said...

YAY!!! That is such incredible news. No matter when it happens, at least it's in the ballpark now. She'll finally get to enjoy that wicked cute nursery we painted! Abby, I wish I could be there to help you out while Gib's ill, but you're in my thoughts all day and I'm sending all my positive energy your way!