Monday, July 31, 2006


During Ellie's weekly blood tests (Black Sunday as we have learned to call it), one of her doctors noticed an increase in one element of her blood chemistry called C-Reactive Protein (CRP). CRP is often an early indicator of an impending infection somewhere in her system, whether it is a unirary tract infection, an infection in her gut or worst of all, central line infection of her IV, which is a nasty, dangerous thing for kids on IV nutrition.

We were ready for some difficulties when we got the results of her blood test Sunday afternoon and proactively sent off a culture of her blood to see if the infection was in her central line, her and/or her blod and a culture of her urine to check for a urinary infection.

By the way, you should see the apparatus that they use to collect urine from baby girls- just picture a sandwich bag with double stick tape and a tiny hole for the business end of my girl......

Last night Ellie's temperature spiked. From normal to 102.9 in about two hours. The infection was here and we had an unhappy baby, hot and grumpy.

Fortunately we are at Children's and she was in great hands and she was watched very carefully overnight. A little tylenol administered in a less than dignified way for the fever, a little Vancomycin for the bugs and a long night for Abby and we had a baby that was up and at 'em this morning, making faces at the doctors.

She has had a good day today as we chase the bugs and learn more about where and what is making her sick. A blood test came back this afternoon that showed that the infection is in her blood and her fever has come back this afternoon, two things that add anxiety to our day and our worries about her health.

But fortunately we are on top of it and we caught it as quickly as we could. She is being watched very carefully and her fever will hopefully come down again with another dose of tylenol...

Ellie has no idea what is going on. She just kepps on looking around....

A scary day for us, but we are in good hands.


jack said...

We had a great visit with laughing girl on Sunday. Nobody would have thought a thing was wrong. I hope this is just one step back for two steps forward I hope. Ellie's dance

She sure is a animated, funny, dancing baby. She captured all the people in the elevator and everybody in the cafeteria.

We just have to keep on keepin on. it's easy for me to say that from two hours north, but my thoughts are with you both.

Keep on keepin' on. She'll come through this.

Anonymous said...

In the background I see your knees, which means you're sitting back in your chair, with your glorious daughter in your lap leaning against your knees, and she's charming the hell out of you. I'm so jealous! Give her a good snuggle from Aunt Beth.