Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Man Down

Hello Abby again. Well Sunday I arrived at the hospital to a very sleepy and chilly Gib. Chilly in July? I checked his temp and got 100.9, and home he went. He woke up Monday morning feeling a bit better but with a higher temp of 101.0. So he stayed home all day and Beth came down from Maine to help me with Ellie. She was a life saver, I got a nap and she even went and got take out.

Gib called later that day with a temp of 103.0. The fever should have gone down with rest and fluids but it did the opposite. So off to the ER he went. He had a fever and a bad headache so they tested for everything just to cover their bases. CAT scan, blood cultures, chest xray, and the always fun...spinal tap.

All their tests came back negative so they discharged him after 6 hours, a full bag of fluids and enough Tylenol to kill a horse. They think it is a virus and because we live in the hospital we are exposed to more bugs than the normal folk so this could be a pretty big virus.

So now it is Tuesday night and Gib still has a temp of about 101 to 102. I did get to see him and he is still alive but definatily not the Gib I am used to. I have to stay healthy to take care of Ellie so I can get to close to him or spend any time with him. Beth gave me a ride back to the Liechter's house this afternoon to check on him, pick up the car and get some clean clothes so I will be set to spend the rest of the week here with Ellie .

My sister Jennifer is going to monitor Gib tomorrow and make sure he has everything he needs and make sure he drinks his water(an Evans famliy obsession). Martha is coming down in the morning to spend some time with Ellie and I. Hopefully his fever will break tonight and he will start feeling better. If he still has a fever by 6pm tomorrow, he will have to go back to the hospital. So it has been an interesting week so far and I will keep you posted as to how Gib is doing.

Oh yeah Ellie is drinking 13 mls of milk an hour!


adelmonaco said...

hi abbey,

read your blog everyday. Ellie looks great. Hope gib feels better soon. Love the pictures of you and Ellie. Take care.

Amy DelMonaco

Barbara Krause said...

Yikes. Just what you need. I can hear the Nervous Needles knitting from here. Take care, everyone. Ellie is a beauty! Love, Barbara

Leslie said...

Those of us who worked with Gib in the Keys had a joke about someone always needing to be assigned to Gib-back-up. Not because he was truly sick - more likely sick and tired of some of the daily grind. So, Abby, I guess someone put you on the schedule for Gib-back-up and forgot to let you know ahead of time. Typical!

Anonymous said...

Gib, you poor thing - that's the sickest I've ever seen you. Ellie and I spent some serious quality time Monday and Tuesday, talking about knitting and which color hollyhocks she prefers, etc. She is enchanting, and so happy! If you smile at her, her whole face lights up, and the nurses are just in love with her. As are we all (but I'm not biased...)

KJPatsFan said...

It took a few months but I figured out how to post. Team Johnson in California is thinking about you guys all the time and look forward to Ellie weighing as much as Dad; 10 pounds down and 220 more to go!! Hope Gib feels better soon.....