Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What do Deer Ticks Carry?

Well it is now Wednesday night and Gib is back in the hospital. His fever went back up and so back he went. After being asked a dozen times if he had been to Africa lately they decided that he must have Lyme Disease.

He tested negative for it two days ago apparently the blood tests often give false results in the first month of infection. So the only way we will know that is it really Lyme Disease is if the antibiotics start to work.

So he is on antibiotics and more pain killers to help break the fever. And Ellie and I are in for some quality time together while he recovers. I have to admit that I hope it is Lyme Disease, because that is a known entity. And because it isn't contagious so I will finally get to spend some time with him and he may be able come visit Ellie sooner than later. It does sound like he is in for a long recovery but hey at least it is a recovery.

Ellie weighs 10.5 lbs now.


Emily Phillips said...
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Emily Phillips said...

Hang in there Abby! You can do it! I am very sorry to hear that Gib is still feeling bad and is back in the hospital. Abby you know you are very strong and can fight all of this. Please let us know if you need anything. And thank you for taking the extra time to update the blog. Ellie looks so sweet and cuddly. She sure is cute!

Stephany said...

Abby, you're a trooper and such a strong mother and wife - Gib will be back up on his feet soon. In the meantime enjoy your darling daughter and some episodes of Lost.

Hang in there Gib!

Barbara Krause said...

Searching for something light and funny to say, but it's not coming. Keep your spirits up!! Abby, your strength is impressive. And Ellie is adorable! Hugs all around.


Becky said...

Hey Abby - I'm just constantly thinking of you guys and praying for HEALTH!! Thank you for keeping us posted on EVERYTHING. I'll call soon. I just love you and want what's best for you.