Thursday, July 27, 2006

Better Living through Chemistry?

Since Ellie's gut has shown us that it has a limit to the amount of breast milk that it can tolerate, her GI doctor has suggested that we try to feed her a specialized formula for kids with gut problems called Elecare that is made up of a very simple formula of food that is easily digested by kids who have short gut.

For the next three or four days we are going to run some Elecare through Ellie (should have named it Ellie-care) and see how much she can tolerate. There is a chance that she will be able to process a lot more of this formula than she can milk and if so, we may be able to make a cocktail that mixes milk and formula to help her eat more than she is eating right now.

Whether a success in this approach would stop the need for more surgery is another question. For right now, we'd like to see her handle more food and see how her gut reacts. It is a lot less invasive to feed her different food than cut her open again, so we are on board with this approach.

she has had two Elecare bottles so far without any negative signs. We just need to watch and wait.


Martha Brogan said...

What a great name for Eleanor's new formula-Elecare!Hope that it does what it is supposed to do-

SBS Mom said...

I’m a mom of an S(severe)SBS 13 month little boy, who is currently waiting for small bowel/liver transplant at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. I wanted to thank you for sharing Ellie’s journey. I found Ellie’s blog shortly after I read the infamous Boston Globe article about omegaven. Once I saw Ellie’s adorable face I knew that I had to persuade our GI team to get our son on omegaven. Hopefully soon we’ll have his lipids replaced.
You’re not only sharing your journey…you’re saving other SBS kids. Thank you!

JEAN+PAUL said...

Emily and Gib, Just wanted to make sure you know that all of us here in Michigan are keeping up with the Short Gut News. When we talk with Mike or Cindy or Pam the latest news from the blog is always discussed. We all marvel at the way you are able to share your thought, news, pictures and feelings. It is hard to imagine how any of us would deal with you journey. Keep looking forward and only look back to see how far you have come. Ellie is sure a cutie and we figure she is getting a little personality too. God's speed to the 3 of you. Aunt Jean and Uncle Paul