Saturday, July 01, 2006

More of the same

No great news today. Ellie is back on food and tolerating them fairly well. She did have a setback yesterday when she barfed some nice green-yellow curds for us and then has a few hours worth of food in her belly, but with a few hours off, she was able to get back on the food and even pooped for us last night and today. The doctors tell us that poops are better signs towards the positive than the barfs are for the negative. Net gain for Ellie.

So we keep feeding her, offering her bottles to keep the suck/swallow up and going and generally spend a lot of time hanging out with our baby. She smiles, laughs and coos a lot and is getting better at the lube-oil-filter daily maintainance that comes with having a central IV and G-tube. She is in for the long haul wiht these toys so getting used to them is a good thing.

Sunday will be 12 weeks. It is 90 outside and a balmy 68 in here.

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Martha Brogan said...

12 weeks! It seems like yesterday and at the same time it sems like "we've" never known anything else. I keep looking at Yale pictures and then at the latest movies. Ellie has made great progress. Last night I tried to think of a dignified response to Abby's great news about nursing. I echo Beth's comment about "the Girls".That's exciting!