Sunday, July 30, 2006


So far the experiment with elemental formula seems to not be the magic answer for her digestive needs it hasn't been all bad either.

Since Thursday her feeding has progressed to 9 ml per hour. She is quite gassy(what else is new?) and she seems to be very full a lot of the time, although her residual stomach volume is not as high as it has been. She is pooping more frequently and they have good quality to them, but have a really nasty smell to them. Since they are formula poops I guess that is to be expected.

We'll see how she deals with any more increases in feeding over the next few days, but it hasn't been magic.

We'll see how it goes.

Ellie jst keeps on being a great, happy baby.

Bilirubin was low again today. Less than .5 on both. Yellow looks better when she is pale and not so yellow.


Anonymous said...

She's so big! The picture I have as my screensaver looks like a different baby... When Mom got back from Boston yesterday, she said, "Ellie just laughs and laughs!" I'll take that. Hang in there - I"ll see you soon.

Martha Brogan said...

Jack and I saw such a happy girl when we visited yesterday- she has a huge smile. I think she is going to be "on the bus" with her grandfather- she has a lot to say.
Children's is a great place in so many ways. I was amazed to see Dr. Puder on a Sunday afternoon!
Hang in there!

Stephany said...

Keep truckin' you guys - there is a right combo out there for her gut yet! She looks so big and content. Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories!

JEAN+PAUL said...

Well bloggers you have discovered that I messed up my routine for remembering names. Let's see..GailKarenJenniferEmilyAbby.
ABBY it is. Sorry.