Friday, August 28, 2009

All Done

We just finished talking with Dr. Jennings.

All went very well, the stricture was clearly causing issues. He removed the stricture without losing any intestinal mucosa (the part hat absorbs nutrients), did the fancy cut and resew from the diagram and closed her up.

He saw some significant scar tissue in her belly but tried to avoid disturbing that which would complicate her recovery.

The best news is that after he repaired the narrowing, he could see fluids flowing through the affected section into her colon.


She is heading to the PACU right now and we should be called in soon to sit while she wakes up.


mbrogan said...

The best birthday present, ever.

Brenda (Nora's great-aunt) said...

You three are in our thoughts. Here's hoping for a quick, easy recovery, some rest for Ellie's mom and dad, and some exciting school time ahead for Ellie.