Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not Tolerating

We started Ellie's on pedialyte yesterday via pump through the G-tube. The pump ran all night and this morning she woke up with a very distended belly and when I went to vent her I got almost all of what we gave her pushed back at me. So she did not tolerate the feeds.

We emailed Dr. Jennings this morning and then he came by for visit. We gave her a bit of a rest and then re-started feeds at a lower rate. After about 5 hours we increased again to where we were last night. she is napping right now, we will vent her when she wakes up and see how she did.

We were given the option of getting discharged last night, but decided to stay for the night and now we are glad we did. Bloated belly and not tolerating food is what got us here over a week ago. And now we are back to the same problem.

We still think that the problem is the small bowel. Since we got admitted we have done a lower GI, to look at the colon and it looked good. Then an endoscope yesterday to look at the throat, belly, the very beginning of the small bowel, anastomosis, and colon. Everything looked good. So the last time we looked at the small bowel was over a week ago, with the upper GI last week that did not look good.

We are hoping that she tolerates the pedialyte today but if not, we will take another look at her small bowel with another upper GI. I honestly don't know what to wish for... for her to tolerate her feeds and we go home with no real answer? or for her to not tolerate and we get an answer, and an idea of what to do next? I'm starting to feel like I might be going a little crazy, but only just a little.

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OConnor Family said...

We are keeping you guys in our thoughts and hope that you can get some answers and get out of there soon.