Friday, August 14, 2009

lets try this again

So, now the plan is to try for the lower GI study again today. The hope is that she will have absorbed all of the old contrast and we will be able to see what is really going on. We are also going to be admitted after the study. We can manage her at home but with the weekend coming and the fact that it is easier to get a scoping/surgical slot booked when inpatient, we decided it was a good idea.

Ellie is still in good spirits, it is hard to remember when looking at her that something is wrong. She is paying with play dough right now and has been up and singing since 6am.

The only reminder is that occasionally she needs to be vented and what comes out is dark green. This is the color that makes all parents of kids with GI issues cringe. Dark green = things are not good. That is the color of what comes out of her bile duct. It should mix with food and then change color. This all happens in the first part of the intestines, you should never see dark green in the stomach,.... unless something is not right.

We leave for the hospital at noon and we will post again as soon as we know more.

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