Saturday, August 15, 2009

Change of plans...Again.

Right now I am watching Ellie dance around our new room on 10 east at Children's Hospital.

This morning she woke up at 6am (like she usually does), we unhooked her from TPN and then about 15 min later she said she was really tired and wanted to go to bed. I took her upstairs and she was asleep before her head hit the pillow at 7:15am. This was not normal. We called Dr Jennings, woke him up (sorry!) and he told said it sounds like it is time to head in.

So, we spent 6 hours in the ER and are now hanging out in a shared room on the floor with all our favorite nurses. Ellie's white cell count and CRP are normal so it looks like we are just looking at the GI issues. We did get another x-ray of her belly and it still has contrast on it. Ugh.

Ellie is doing great now, she is very excited to be "in the big soft bed with the table that goes across." We have been down to the garden, picked a great Cinderella carriage balloon and we are now watching Cinderella. This will be the norm until Monday afternoon we we try the enema again.

Gib's folks have come down and are staying at our house for support for Gib and I and to help take care of our boys( Gus the wonder dog and my sisters dog Nicky).


Steph and Dan said...

Or thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Jason OConnor said...

Do our kids have some kind of psychic connection? Were sorry to hear that your back inpatient and the plan did not work out. We are inpatient in Wisconsin too. Hope you guys get some answers (with good news) soon. We'll be in Boston on September 15-18, hopefully we will see you - but not inpatient this time...