Monday, August 31, 2009

She's UP!!

She is up and moving! We had to remove the epidural this morning because it was leaking so much. Your spine can only take so much liquid and Ellie's was full. When the epidural went so did the Foley catheter. That made for a much happier Ellie. This also meant that it was time to bring on the IV Diloted. Luckily she doesn't seem to get itchy from this pain killer, so it may be our drug of choice from now on.
This was Ellie for the past two days
This is Ellie today!
So we got up and out of this room!!!
While on the tour of the floor Ellie had the camera. So the following is Children's hospital from her point of view including a few self portraits. Enjoy.
We ended our tour at the playroom where Ellie got up and walked to her favorite toy. Walking is a big step, and now all we need is poop.
Let the poop watch begin!!


Kate said...

She has her grandfather's sleepy eyes.

It's great to see her up and around and wearing a stripey dress.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ellie! I swear I've checked this blog 100 times today. I'm so happy for you all. Keep it up.

mbrogan said...

Beautiful pictures, Ellie!
It's wonderful to see to you up and dressed.

Jessica Rice said...

Yay!! Now here's hoping you guys can go home soon!