Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to the floor

We are back upstairs, fully wired for post-op recovery.

Right now she is sleeping comfortably with:
  • Two new IVs in her arms,
  • three wires for a heart/breathing monitor,
  • a dreaded N-G tube for her stomach,
  • her g-tube draining to a bag,
  • a foley catheter for urine,
  • an epidural in her back
  • and her good old central line

Fully wired, but very comfortable.

Interesting factoid of the day: the recovery nurse needed to double check with us about her CVL, (central IV line). Apparently it has been in for 1,116 days.

Yup, that's right more than three years with this line.
Please knock on wood for us right now.


Unknown said...

Knocking... Glad everything went well. Thinking of you 3

The MVPs said...

we're with you dudes, keep on keepin' on.