Friday, August 21, 2009

Answers but no solution

After a long wait, Ellie's endoscopy went off early this morning. She went under around 11 and was back out around 12:30. She came out of anesthesia just fine and is back in her very fancy room groggy but doing well.

The endoscopy told us a few things. First, from below her colon looked good and the insides of the anatomosis looked good with no apparent narrowing or kinks that would be causing food to slow down. Equally good news is that the tissue around the reconnection looked pink and healthy.

From above the inital portion of her small bowel lookes good as well. One problem with the upper endoscopy is that is can't reach all the way to the end of the small bowel but what the doctor saw looked nice and happy. They took samples for bacterial cultures and biopsies to tell us more in the next few days.

So what they saw today all looked good. Which is good but doesn't give us any answers on why things aren't working. Which leaves us with the same puzzle with a few more pieces filled in.

Abby and I have each come up with some amateur theories on why this is happening and we will hopefully get a chance to discuss these with Dr. Jennings sometime soon. He was in the OR today and saw the scoping and likely has much more informed ideas as well.

Ellie is happy and watching Cinderella for the afternoon.From there we will come up with the next steps in the plan and see where we go from here. It will likely inckude slow feeds by pump tonight, going home tomorrow tomorrow and the a follow up Upper GI study next week to check on the status of her bowel.

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