Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change of date.

Our date for the scope got pushed back from tomorrow to Friday. So we are in for more of the same. We will do a very small amount of bowel prep since she has not eaten in a week. So we are in for more of this..
Playing on the playground
Flight for life helicopter flying over the play ground

All the GI docs that can do the balloon procedure are either on vacation or out of town. So wait we must. We are having fun and Ellie is happy. But we a getting a bit sick of waiting.


the crucible said...

Can you at least get day passes to get out of the hospital and roam around Boston, while waiting? Even that big hospital starts to feel small after a few days with an active lil person.

Sending good vibes for a good procedure tomorrow!

Anne said...

Sure do love those medical helicopters!!!! Ellie looks like she's at any playground having fun - hope you're all home soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie,
It is good to see your cheerful face and your pretty green crocks. Please keep smiling. We wish you were in Vermont with us, but we hope to see you again soon. Please keep the doctors and your splendid parents happy.
With much love,
Hope and Henry