Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Surgery Friday

Dr. Jennings was back in the office today and after looking at her UGI and manipulating his busy schedule has booked Ellie for surgery, most likely some version of what is called astricturoplasty to relieve the narrowing in her bowel that is causing things to dam:

Friday at 1:30.

We check in Thursday around lunch for a night of prep to get all of that nasty barium chalk out of her poor bowel and then away we go.


Lori said...

glad you got an answer, but SO sorry for what it entails!!!!! Caed currently has a "functioning stricture", and I absolutely HATE it! Our next UGI is coming up in Oct. We'll be checking in with Ellie and praying for a quick fix and recovery.

mini and brother said...

I'm so thankful for your doctor and we'll be praying for her surgery. You guys are amazing.

Stephany said...

ugh i'm so sorry this means another surgery - but glad you found an answer. keep us posted.